Indonesian @ Chicago, Midwest Region dan sekitarnya: 08 September - Menu Indonesia

Monday, August 27, 2007

08 September - Menu Indonesia

Dear Friends,
Now that summer is at an end and schedules are returning to normal, we are resuming Indonesian Cuisine at:

Little Amsterdam
Saturday, September 8 -2007 at 4:30-08:00 pm
686 Lee St, Des Plaines, IL 60016
RSVP (847) 298-8321

Special today's menu by our Indonesian Chef Imelda Palmas:
  • Spicy Chicken (Ayam Rica)
  • BBQ Chicken with peanut sauce (Sate)
  • Corn Fritters (Perkedel Jagung)
  • Braised beef (Sate Garo)
  • Corn fritters (Perkedel Jagung)
  • Mixed Vegetable (Sayur Campur)
  • Steam Rice (Nasi Putih)
  • Shrimp chips (Kerupuk)
  • Hot Chili (Sambal Tomat)
  • Egg rolls (Lumpia)
  • Cassava cake (Kue Singkong)

Terima kasih dan sampai jumpa di Little Amsterdam.
Veel bedankt and tot ziens

Location map:

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Map of
Little Amsterdam
686 Lee St
Des Plaines, IL 60016-4515

Coming from Chicago? Take METRA Train, stop in Des Plaines station. It is only a few minutes walk to Little Amsterdam. Click here for METRA Train Information.

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