Indonesian @ Chicago, Midwest Region dan sekitarnya: 23 July - Samba Sunda @ Millenium Park

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

23 July - Samba Sunda @ Millenium Park

In case you don't know about the next FREE CONCERT of Indonesian Musician group from Bandung, SAMBASUNDA, will be @ Millennium Park (Jay Pritzker Pavilion), on Monday, 23 July 2007 starting @ 6:30 pm.

Mr. Michael Orlove of Department of Cultural Affairs, City of Chicago, is expecting lots of people to come and enjoy this rare opportunity.
City of Chicago will provide limited RESERVED SEAT TICKETS for Indonesian people and special guests who is interested to see the performance by the stage. To get your
RESERVED SEAT TICKETS please contact the Indonesian Consulate in Chicago (KJRI) by email: or call 847-970-8122.

Important note
: Please arrive by 6pm at the Millenium Park for your RESERVED SEAT TICKETS. City of Chicago will release your reserved seat if you are late, but of course you can still enjoy the performance at the lawn for FREE without reserving the ticket.

Thank you,

Link(s) on SambaSunda Music Information :

List of performer & music instrument:Ismet Ruchimat Maulana: Bonang, Kacapi 1, Djembe, Didi Wiardi S. Nendes: Perkusi kekeletrekan, Tia Setiana: Saron Bambu 1, Gungung Permana Lestreng: Saron Bambu 2, Atang Suryaman Suratay: Saron Bambu 3, Asep Maung Lugay: Suling Degung, Angklung, Atjep Hidayat Seniman Cipaku: Saron Degung 1, Rudi Rodex'z: Saron Degung 2, Suling Bangsing, Endang Syarif Lingkom: Saron Degung 3, Angklung, Budi SofiyanIbo: Goong, Kacapi 2, Naip Supriatna: Jenglong Bambu, Dadang Samsudin Jiner: Khendang, Dadan Ude: Jenglong, Yadi Cahyadi Piteuk: Violin

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